We Make Apps Future-Proof

Inherently scalable to serve increasing complexity of transaction and number of users, also due to employing modular architecture designs, scalable cloud resources, publish-subscribe messaging, etc.

Auditable due to centralized monitoring systems showing the evolution of component states to allow for quick and easy recovery.

Modifiable to easily adopt updates due to layered/modular architecture, clear separation of concerns (SoC), standardized APIs, etc.

Highly available due to consistent redundancy, backup of critical components, clustering, isolation, automated operations, and more.

We Make Modern Apps

We drive innovation with AI and machine learning, big data, IoT, and blockchain and enable applications to:

  • Forecast and make smart choices.
  • Understand the image and video content.
  • Empower smart, connected products (devices) and environments.
  • Dynamically learn from experiences and hold human-like conversations.
  • Create personalized customer experiences in real time, and more.


Back end

Microsoft .Net, Java, C++, python, PHP, NodeJS

Front end

HTML, CSS, javaScript, ReactJS, Angular, Vue.js, KnockoutJS


IOS, android, PWA, react Native, ionic


Microsoft Dynamics 365, salesforce, Magento, SharePoint, servicenow, Oracle Cloud Commerce


Azure, aws, Google Colud, DigitalOcean

Databases / data storages

Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, mongoDB

Real-time data processing

kafka, Azue Events hubs, Azure Stream Analytics


docker, Azure DevOps, Google Developer

Custom CMS

wordPress, Drupal

Contact Us

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  • +91-998-628-7080
  • info@zsinfotech.in
  • www.zsinfotech.in

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